Mentor MemoryGel Leaking Silicone Breast Implant causes severe pain, chronic fatigue, nausea, skin rashes,traces of metal in the bloodstream and other health problems.

A Johnson & Johnson unit is allegedly selling defective breast implants that are causing health problems for some women, including muscle pain and nausea, according to the first state-court lawsuit in California over the devices.

J&J’s Mentor Worldwide unit failed to conduct proper studies of its silicone-based implants’ health risks that were mandated by government regulators.

Regulators had banned the use of silicone-based breast implants in 1992 after women sued manufacturers of the devices claiming they caused cancer and Rheumatoid arthritis. Hundreds of thousands of women sued Dow Corning Corp., once the largest maker of implants, prompting the company to seek bankruptcy protection in May 1995. The Chapter 11 filing came after a proposed $4 billion settlement covering all implant makers fell apart.


Dow Corning emerged from bankruptcy in 1999 under a plan calling for the manufacturer to pay $3.2 billion to compensate implant recipients. The company, originally a joint venture between Dow Chemical Co. and Corning Inc., was purchased by Dow outright in 2015.

Mentor officials may have failed to warn patients and physicians about the risk of serious defects, health problems and life-altering complications, all in relation to the leaking implants.

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